Saturday, October 3, 2015

Big Pot Boiling!!!!

 That's 300 pounds of 21/25 shell on shrimp. That what they boil every day for the buffet at Island View Casino. Mr Joe does that before 1:00pm every day. That's BIG POT COOKIN' for sho!!!!! Now the trick is to make sure that your water is seasoned enough! We use Zatarain's Liquid Crab Boil. This is made from extracts of Clove, Paprika, Cayenne Peppers (Capsicum) - Very Powerful. Tony's Creole Seasoning, Fresh Lemons, Garlic Pods, and Fresh Onion to season the water. What's really awesome is to cook Corn on the Cob, New Potatoes and some Andouille Sausage Links in the water before you cook off your shrimp. I like to bring my seasoned water to a good rolling boil, add my shrimp, stir good let them turn pink, about 3 minutes, then turn the fire off and let the shrimp steep in that seasoning for about 10 minutes. Shrimp do not take that long to cook and you do not want to overcook them, so letting them steep in the water allows the shrimp to finish cooking and absorb some of DAT good flavor!!!

You could use these 2 as a chemical weapon - NO JOKE. I was doing a training session in Atlanta with Chef Steve D'Angelo for Unified Brands last year, in the new test kitchen and we did a demo with boiled shrimp in a 20 gallon steam jacketed kettle. So I got my water in there and added my seasonings, got everything just right and went on about the business of finishing the prep for the rest of the demo. It was about an hour before lunch when the clients we were training came into the kitchen to start preparing lunch. So, I fired up the kettle in anticipation of boiling these shrimp. Once the pot came to a boil everybody in the place started coughing, and their eyes were watering, it got so bad that people in the other room came into the kitchen to see what was causing the problem. Well we were in a confined space and I had forgotten to turn on the hood vent!!!!!! I almost killed us all. I had WEAPONIZED 
the crab boil!!!!!