Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lots of Work to do!!!

After 3 weeks of solid work I am tired!!! The trip home last Saturday seemed like a month ago. I  just never caught up. There has been no "routine"- this week! back to work Sunday morning, had Wednesday as an off day, then rolled right into 3 back to back 13 hour days covering shifts at the restaurant because of Sous chef issues. I say that, one swing shift sous had to have emergency surgery on his had due to a staph infection and the other was off for 2 days with a day of PTO ( Paid Time Off) tacked on the end of the week. Take that coupled with Friday and Saturday being the end of the month and Halloween and yeah we served about 800 people on Saturday!!!! Needless to say, my arse is dragging!!! Next week is no better so far, inventory on Monday, monthly ACF meeting at the school Monday afternoon, Tuesday is prep for WLOX on Wednesday!!! Then--- 2 Days In A Row Off!!!!!!  For the slow time of year I am beat!!!!!