Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cook Tanks!!!

These pictures are from the cook chill project I am working on in Canada through Unified Brands. They manufacture CapKold Cook Chill equipment. Pictured above is a 500 pound capacity cook tank these are also used in the chill mode for chilling bagged sauces, soups or other items that may get cooked in a kettle. These are used in place of tumble chiller. They are mainly used in systems with 150 gallon kettles and above. Anyway,  this roast was cooked in a bag, in a water-jet cook tank at 140F for 4 hours after the set point of the temperature probe was hit. This allows for pasteurization and tenderizing of the roast. as you can see it is perfectly medium rare with some caramelization  on the outside. This product is cooled form the cooking temperature of 140F to below 40F within 6 hours per the FDA food code. The temperature is automatically recorded digitally and uploaded to the chef's computer at the end of the cooking cycle. This is the HACCP record. In addition this product is safe to hold at 34F for up to 28  days prior to service. Now let's take that to the extreme, they make a 2000 pound cook tank!!!!!! Ok so, how many people can cook 2000 pounds of roast while they sleep, come in the next morning and have it perfectly chilled and ready for storage? You just cannot beat it for safety. Also there are seasoning wraps available now for whatever seasoning profile you want on your roast. Hint, under vacuum, the flavor really penetrates into the core of the flesh. Well that's my story for tonight!!!!