Sunday, October 11, 2015

Creole Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya!!!

This is Jambalaya form the french word Jambon - Pork. I wrote this recipe 10 years ago for Morongo Casino Resort in Cabazon California for their buffet. I had been cooking this for years at Casino Magic, it was a staple on their buffet. We made so much that we had to produce it this way and add cooked rice to it, this also allows the cook to adjust the consistency and moisture. Traditionally Jambalaya is made by cooking raw rice in the sauce - it comes out much drier and due to the absorption the sauce or stock has to be very spicy. Also that version does not require a roux. This is about 40 gallons pictured above. This batch was made for a Mardi Gras function for 1000 people at the casino.

Creole Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Jambalaya Base
Yield: 216 lbs

Ingredients:                                                        Amounts:
Unsalted Butter                                                        4 lbs
Diced Onion                                                          15 lbs
Diced Green Bell Pepper                                      10 lbs
Diced Celery                                                           5 lbs
Diced Andouille Sausage                                      20 lbs
Diced Tasso                                                           10 lbs
Chopped Garlic                                                          4 oz
Black Pepper                                                            2 oz  
Dried Thyme                                                           1 ½oz
Bay Leaves                                                           12 each
Seafood Seasoning                                                      6 oz
Chicken Stock                                                  15 Gallons
Diced Tomatoes                                            12 - # 10 Cans
Worcestershire Sauce                                                 10 oz
Tabasco Sauce                                                              4 oz
Diced Chicken                                                           20 lbs
Dark Roux                                                                8 lbs    
Kosher Salt to taste


In butter sauté celery, onion, bell pepper until well cooked and vegetables start to caramelize. Brown sausage in oven and drain the off the excess fat, add the sausage & Tasso to the vegetable mix. Then add all of the seasoning and cook an additional 5 minutes. Add chicken stock, tomatoes, Tabasco and Worcestershire, incorporate roux, to thicken, and allow sauce to simmer for 45 minutes. Season to taste with kosher salt.  Fold in cooked rice as needed.