Monday, November 30, 2015


It has only taken us 58 days to go over 2000 views!!! I am not the best about posting something everyday, although I try. There are days such as Thanksgiving, or yesterday that you just do not want to know what I have to say... Having said that, let me say this, I am very blessed to work in the field that I do. The passion about good food done, well and served properly is what drives me to work harder everyday to make things better.
  I started this blog as an outlet for what I consider good food and good stories. A place to share my experiences in the kitchen, my stories of memories made with friends and fellow cooks through the years. A place to keep up with the daily things, specials and milestones. I hope that those that choose to spend your time viewing what I have to say get a chuckle out of it or learn something new!!! I learn something new everyday!!!! Any way thank you!! Pass this blog along to your friends. Sign up for email distribution. Try a recipe for your friends and family - let us know how it turns out for you!
Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving, I served over 600 guests!!!!