Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cold Weather Creole Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

As we get into fall and winter is approaching fast I like to make hearty soups! Soups that are more like a meal. This is one of my favorites Vegetable beef has that warming feel of home, Like momma used to make! Everybody has their own version that their family makes. So, her's from my family to yours!

Vegetable Beef Soup
Yield: 2 gallon

Ingredients/ Amounts
Butter                                               ½lb
Beef Tips                                          5 lbs
Diced Onion                                     1 medium
Diced Celery                                    ½ bunch
Diced Bell Pepper                            2 medium
Chopped Garlic                                2 TBS
Bay Leaves                                       2 each
Chef Paul’s Seafood Seasoning       2 oz
Onion Powder                                  1 TBS
Worcestershire sauce                       2 TBS
Red Wine                                         1 Cup
Beef Stock                                        4 Quarts
Black Pepper                                    1 TBS
Brown Roux                                     ½ Cup
Frozen Green                                   ½lb
Frozen Baby Carrots                        4 oz
Frozen Corn                                     4 oz   
Diced Potatoes                                 6 oz            
Canned Diced Tomatoes                 6 oz
Kosher salt and black pepper To Taste

In butter sear beef tips, remove and reserve. Sauté celery, onion, bell pepper, garlic with dry seasonings, until the vegetables start to clear, deglaze with the red wine and Worcestershire sauce.
Add  beef stock, and the remaining vegetables. Simmer for 30 minutes. While this cooks make the brown roux*. Add roux to the soup by placing the brown roux in a mixing bowl and add beef stock until the mixture is pourable*. Add this to the soup stirring constantly to avoid lumps.
Add the reserved beef tips simmer an additional 20 minutes, season to taste with salt and pepper.

** A few recipe tips**
Brown Roux - this is a mixture of oil (we use vegetable oil) and flour - equal parts. A trick here is to heat your oil first before adding your flour. Of course, your flour will start to brown immediately, so, don't turn your back!! Also, with hot oil BE Careful, It Will Burn You!! You will have to pay attention and stir this constantly. It is the flavor you are looking for here more than anything. The thickening power of brown roux is half that of blonde roux. This is due to the destruction of the gluten protein present in flour. The longer it cooks the more"slack" it will become. The addition of brown roux to the  soup will give it a depth of flavor and more mouth feel than normal.  

These black balls you see in the picture above is a burned roux. If you see this - throw it out and start over. So, be careful, once your flour starts to brown, lower your heat. The time it takes to make the roux that peanut butter color will be worth it in the end. 

Adding Roux - We accomplish this by combining the hot roux with liquid from the soup in a separate bowl. This will keep the roux from forming lumps by the temperature variance. Some cooks think that they are fast enough to add the roux to the soup directly and that continuous stirring will break the lumps up. I am living proof that the "SHOEMAKER" way of doing things will always lead to a dissatisfied customer and probably lumps of roux in your soup!! So, do it the correct way, from the start, and have no lumps in your soup!!!