Sunday, April 3, 2016


I have not been keeping up my end of the bargain. See, in order for a blog to work, there has to be content - daily. So, this is obviously my fault. Not because I do not have any thing to say but generally due to being busy with other things. Then there are the times you doubt what good can come from you rambling on about ... who knows what and whether or not anyone ever reads this ...stuff. Getting back to work on this however is something that I am committed to. I feel that there are many situations in the restaurant industry that people never get the inside scoop on. However now days with the evolution of food TV, we are being inundated with one cooking show after another, and there are no shortages of websites that will send you the daily recipe update or wine paring. You want to know how to butcher, hang and age a side of beef in your garage -  it's probably on YouTube! But what you won't get is the perspective of the line cook. That, in the trenches, embattled, fighting with the FOH manager because someone sent their hamburger back because the bottom bun was too soggy in the middle of a 500 cover night that caused the whole line to crash, that Fu-! this sh**, I can go to work tomorrow at the new steak and shake down the street if I wanted to deal with this crap every night kind of perspective!!
 Anyway I need the practice. This is therapeutic, sort of, because I can write what I really want to say, but would get fired on the spot for saying it. I WILL do better!