Monday, April 4, 2016

The Business!!!

My full time job is working as a Chef de Cuisine at a local casino in Gulfport, Mississippi, Island View Casino Resort. The property is the largest land based casino gaming floor in the state. We have 995 hotel rooms and it is a very busy place. The restaurant I work in has a seating capacity of 225 people and we sit right off the gaming floor. I manage a staff of 1 Assistant Room Chef, 3 Sous Chefs and currently 19 cooks on 2 shifts. We serve somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500 guests per week out of our restaurant - C&G grill. We are a fast/casual style restaurant. My staff killed it this past weekend we were extremely busy, of course it is spring break and the first of the month, so everyone is out and about. They say that numbers do not lie, so here goes - in 3 days, our staff served 1933 covers. Friday night was insane at 8:30 pm our ticket board was slam full, we had tickets hanging to the floor off the printer and hour long ticket times serving 477 dinner covers. Saturday was not much better we served a total of 778 meals that day - just incredible. Very dedicated staff to not just give up and walk out in the grueling chaos of a Saturday night service!!!!!!!